Connect to Paducah’s Creative Economy

A designated UNESCO Creative City, Paducah, Kentucky, is a place where visitors of all ages and interests can connect to the creative economy that has inspired so many talented artists and vibrant businesses to make this river city their permanent home. Tucked in the far corners of Western Kentucky, Paducah is rich in cultural attractions, such as the National Quilt Museum (link) and several downtown attractions including a $40 million state-of-the-art performing arts center (link) and over a dozen locally-owned shops and eateries (link to Main Street).

Visitors can take advantage of the City’s walkable landscape as they explore Paducah’s historic downtown and Lower Town Arts District. These mixed use neighborhoods showcase some of the nation’s finest stock of 19th century architecture, as well as a variety of residences and businesses that make Paducah such an interesting place to live and play.

In addition to the rich culture that continues to evolve here, Paducah also boasts an intriguing history filled with legends of heroic figures, notable citizens and even a few ghostly tales retold by a few of the locals.

While some stories that float through this community may seem a bit far fetched, other stories have garnered national attention to the visible accomplishments made here. Paducah has a long legacy of providing avenues for public-private partnerships that have helped to restore and retain many historic houses, retail spaces and other centers of commerce.

In fact, most recently, signs of Paducah’s historic preservation efforts have reached into the Midtown Neighborhood. Visitors can enjoy shopping and dining at the historic Coke Plant, which features a local brewery, restaurant, coffee shop, art collective and a number of other businesses still developing their spaces in this post World War I neighborhood. Something else to note is that the Coke Plant is now home to more than 48 beers on tap, the largest selection available in this region, housed under one roof.

In addition to the City’s cultural and historic appeal, visitors can weave their way to a front row view of Paducah’s serene and recently revived riverfront. The riverfront is home to scenic waterfront views, as well as the Wall-to-Wall floodwall murals designed by renowned painter and muralist Robert Dafford. These artistic expressions of Paducah’s history stretch along the waterfront where the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers merge. They provide a striking backdrop to the community’s natural beauty.

While a number of cities lay claim to a healthy and diverse economy, few can boast of the many creative experiences made available to Paducah’s visitors. Guests can participate in a number of ways ranging from fiber arts workshops to a medley of mixed media art events and other hands-on creative experiences.

For a complete list of hotels, attractions, and eateries, or to book a creative experience for yourself or a group, visit the Paducah Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website.