Paducah Makes Planning an Event a Cinch

Event planners know that the key to coordinating any great event is contained in the minute details that go into each plan. The Paducah Convention Center support team understands the value of making sure everything fits together perfectly. When one detail goes unaddressed, chaos is likely to occur. It’s our job to help you avoid all of that so that you can focus on your big event.

Picturesque Locale

Our facilities offer balcony access to waterfront views along the Ohio River. We are located within walking distance of some of Paducah’s most intriguing historic neighborhoods and downtown shopping and local dining.

Flexible Decor

Whether seeking to attract young professionals or seasoned business executives to your event, our state of the art lighting and modern, yet neutral decor, gives our facilities a multi-generational appeal. Check out the Center’s guidelines to decorating here.

Event Planning Services

Virtual Layout

SmartDraw offers the latest in event planning technology. This software allows our staff to guide event planners in selecting the most appropriate room or group of rooms for the size and technological needs of any and every type of event. We’ll send you a virtual layout that has been customized for your event. This digital image is set to scale, making it simple to plan your event from a remote location.

Room Capacity

Our rooms can accommodate groups of almost any size, ranging from small meetings to large conventions and tradeshows. We provide event planners with a flexible space that offers a variety of room configurations that are easy to navigate and comfortable for guests’ interactions.

Flexible Meeting Space

Event planners can customize a unique experience for their attendees through the use of the flexible event space offered at the Paducah and McCracken County Convention and Exposition Center. From room layouts that are adjusted to fit any size group to spacious hallways able to accommodate networking opportunities for guests between event sessions, our staff will work with meeting planners to create a guest experience event attendees won’t quickly forget.  

Responsive Event Staff

Our on-site event coordinators are highly engaged and responsive to event and meeting planners’ needs. They can be easily reached before and during an event.

Preferred Vendors

Because so many of our event planners live outside of our region, our facility works to provide everything they’ll need for hosting an event. From customized menus and tableware to a full service bar that serves beer, wine and liquor, we’ll connect event planners to the highest quality resources available in the region. If an event has the need for a local deejay or band, our staff can provide contact information for a wide range of musicians. Find information on our catering and alcohol services, as well as more details on setting up a band or deejay in our Event Guidelines.

Sales Tax & Licensing

Because so many of our conventions and meetings are planned by event planners in other parts of the country, we also help them navigate local and state sales tax requirements, as well as equip them with the information they need to obtain the appropriate licenses that may be required for their events and galas.  

State of the Art Amenities

We provide planners with state of the art lighting that will create the perfect touch for any event, as well as a high quality sound system and audio visual equipment, including 60” flat screen televisions for board presentations, as well as projectors and drop down screens. Reliable Wi-Fi is also available.

Included within our walls is also an accessible business center that event planners may utilize on the day of their event. These additional pieces make planning an event at the convention and expo center an ideal location to plan a pleasing event, professional meeting or elegant gala.

The Waterfront Culinary Service

In addition to a stunning locale, the convention and exposition center offer a wide range of amenities for event planners and event attendees. This includes our exclusive catering service, The Waterfront Culinary Service, which provides event planners with a variety of meal options that include customizable dishes for attendees who require dietary modifications. We can provide heart healthy, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options for guests.

Full Service Bar & Liquor License

We hold a liquor license that allows us to service a full bar on-site. This amenity saves planners the hassle of researching licensing issues, as well as the expense of purchasing alcohol for their events and meetings



On site parking is available. For those who wish to take advantage of our convenient location, we are also located within walking distance of 200 hotel rooms, including the 123-room convention hotel located adjacent to our facilities.  


Easy Access to Transportation and Shuttle Services

Our facility is easy to get to from any part of the region. Our staff can help event coordinators connect to local and regional transportation services in order to provide shuttle services from local hotels to the meeting facility and other key destinations that may be part of your event.

Barkley Regional Airport

We are located within a 20-minute drive of the Barkley Regional Airport. The airport offers a convenient and affordable connection to Chicago through United Express. On average, 30 flights take off from Barkley Regional Airport each day, making it a reliable mode of transportation for those coming to Paducah from all over the world.


Venue Policies

Event Guidelines

Welcome to The Paducah McCracken County Convention and Expo Center! Please review the following guidelines for use of the facility. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Michelle Campbell, our Sales Manager at (270) 408-1346. The Center looks forward to providing a safe and clean environment for you and your guests.

Catering and Alcohol

  • All food and beverage service will come through the center for your event. Please inform the Sales Manager of the food and beverage service you desire no less than thirty (30) days prior to your event.
  • Our catering kitchen is being completely renovated to offer our guests top of the line, high quality culinary choices. The expected date of completion is middle to late 2017. Until then a list of approved caterers will be provided to our guests.
  • Wedding cakes may be provided by someone other than the center. In some cases, limited quantities of homemade or donated items may also be allowed with prior approval of the center.
  • The center will provide all alcoholic beverages and servers required for your event.  Arrangements may be made through the Food & Beverage Supervisor at (270) 408-1346, ext 206.  You may choose a cash bar, hosted or open bar, bar tickets, beer and wine only, table service, or other special arrangements. Please review our Bar policies for prices and selections. Plastic ware and cocktail napkins are included with standard bar setups. Glassware may be provided for an additional fee. The Bar will close 30 min prior to designated end time.
  • Our Sales Manager will work with you and your caterer on the details of the catered event regarding the room setup, access to the facility, and clean up.
  • All plates, glasses, utensils, service items, etc. will be provided and set up by your caterer or by you.  The Center will provide tables and chairs free of charge as agreed at the time of booking. The Center can offer black table cloths at $5.00/a table. Additional equipment requests or changes may result in additional charges.
  • There is a limited Prep Kitchen which may be utilized by your caterer with prior arrangement.
  • No cooking is allowed in the facility.
  • Arrangements for outside cooking (barbecue, etc.) may be made under some circumstances.  Please contact the Sales Manager.


  • If early access is required for your event, arrangements must be made in advance with your Sales Manager.
  • All decorative materials must be flame-proofed. Designated exits and aisles must remain clear at all times. All matters regarding safety will be resolved by the decision of the Center’s management.
  • The following items will not be permitted when decorating the walls, floor, ceiling or stages:  bolts, screws, nails, staples, scotch tape, electrical tape, duct tape and glue. Consult the Center’s management for questions.
  • Crepe paper is not allowed.
  • Glitter or confetti is not permitted on tables or floors.
  • Rice and birdseed may not be thrown inside or outside of the the Center. Bubbles may be used outside the building, but not inside. No sparklers will be allowed in any area.
  • Only candles enclosed in glass and approved by the Center are permitted.
  • All floral arrangements must be pre-assembled. No on-site preparation will be permitted without prior approval.
  • Anchored helium-filled balloons are allowed.
  • Painting of signs, banners, decorations, etc., is not permitted inside the Center.
  • The passenger elevator may not be used to transport equipment or food without prior approval and appropriate padding installed by the Center.
  • Deliveries of equipment, supplies, or literature will not be accepted by the Center staff unless prior approval and specific arrangements have been made. We can not guarantee the safety or security of these items.
  • The Center does not provide labor or equipment for moving decorations or other materials into or out of the facility, or for hanging or installing decorations. In some cases, with prior arrangement, we may be able to assist, however additional charges may apply. There are a limited number of rolling carts that may be available on a first-come first-served basis, but it is best to plan to bring your own ladders, handcarts, extension cords, etc.
  • You will be responsible for returning all areas to original condition (except for basic cleaning). Any damages or extraordinary cleaning will be charged to you. All decorations or props must be removed from the building following the event. Additional charges will be assessed for items left following the close of the event. The Center will not be responsible for any items left.

Audio Visual

  • The Center has limited audio visual equipment for rent (contact your Sales Manager for availability).  You may bring in your own equipment (including extension cords) or you may rent equipment from an outside provider.
  • The Center  has access to over 300 hundred cable channels, so if sports is something your guests are interested in, we can project any game you wish throughout your event ($200)

DJ or Band setups

  • Your Sales Manager will work with you to determine the best location for your DJ or Band to set up. There will be no additional charge for use of minimal standard electrical outlets (DJ/Band to provide their own extension cords). Extensive power requirements will result in additional charges and arrangements must be made in advance.
  • The Center has a 20’X20’ laminate faux wood finished dancefloor suitable for dancing and is available for your event ($200). You may opt to have a temporary parquet dance floor installed by an outside provider at your expense. Placement and installation must be approved by the the Center.


  • Children are welcome at the the Center, but please keep in mind there may be other events in and around the facility. Children must be supervised at all times and may not be permitted to wander through the facility or leave the immediate area of your event. No alcohol may be served or offered to children. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests, and we want them to be safe and have a wonderful time at the the Center!


  • Coat Check areas can be provided throughout the facility. The Center can provide staffing and materials for you for an additional fee, or you may provide your own. If you prefer, we also have portable coat racks which may be placed in your event area.
  • A Center staff person will be on-site throughout your event and will check in with you periodically.  Please contact them if you need any assistance.
  • The Paducah-McCracken County Convention and Expo Center is a smoke-free facility. Accommodations are made for smokers outside our main lobby entrance, the Expo entrance, and on the riverside entrance.
  • Details regarding setups, catering, beverage service, access times, etc., must be submitted to your Sales Manager no later than 15 days prior to your event. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.


Alcohol and Beverage Policy

Selections Offered:
Jose Cuervo Gold
Bacardi Silver
Spiced Rum
Captain Morgan
Maker’s Mark
Woodford Reserve
Jack Daniels
Mr. Boston
(Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Chardonnay, Moscato, Merlot,
White Zinfandel, Riesling)
Copa Di Vino
Beer (Bottled)
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Bud Light

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Selections:

Pepsi Products Sweetened and Unsweetened Tea Bottled Water Coffee
Alcohol Pricing:
  • $4 Domestic Beer
  • $5 Import Beer
  • $5 Glass of Wine
  • $6 Cocktails
  • $24 Full Urn of Coffee or Tea ( Includes condiments and cups)
  • $2 All Pepsi Products
  • $2 Bottled Water

Alcohol Policy

All events held on the Paducah McCracken County Convention & Expo Center property are expected to abide by all of the following regulations regarding alcohol consumption at their event. By signing your contract to secure your event, you are stating that you understand the following policies and procedures.

  • Sale of alcohol will end 30 minutes before the end of any event.
  • Staff reserves the right to refuse service to any guest at any time for any reason.
  • Staff reserves the right to suspend or completely discontinue alcohol sales at any time and at any event for any reason.
  • There will be an 18% gratuity charge added to all hosted bar invoices.
  • No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages while on Paducah McCracken County Convention & Expo Center property. This includes the parking lots surrounding the property.
  • All guests will be asked to provide identification.
  • Failure to abide by this may result in individual(s) being asked to leave/removed from the property.
  • Staff may serve no more than 2 alcoholic beverages to any one guest at one time.
  • If the event has individuals who are not 21 years of age present at an event, a 1 drink limit per customer per transaction may be enforced.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises. This includes but is not limited to; flasks, water bottles, airplane bottles, pouches, CamelBak backpacks, etc. If outside alcoholic beverages are found on premises, they will be removed and the guest(s) may be asked to leave.
  • Alcoholic beverages that remain sealed in baskets or gift boxes are allowed. However, if removed from secured packaging or opened, the alcoholic beverages will be confiscated by staff and not returned.
  • No mixed-liquor drinks, such as Long Island Iced Teas will be served.
  • No shots of any alcohol will be served.
  • One bartender is required for every 80 guests at a fee of $25 per hour. If guests drink more than $150 per hour per bartender, this fee will be waived.


Download Alcohol and Beverage Policy here.